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The full scope of warehousing services provided by Maxton Shipping is competitive in the following services are:

Receiving and unloading goods


Receiving and unloading goods: accepting freight from suppliers, verifying the quantities and quality of the goods, and unloading them from trucks or other vehicles.

Storage and inventory management


Storage and inventory management: storing the goods in a secure warehouse facility and keeping track of inventory levels using inventory management software. This service also includes organizing and labeling goods to ensure efficient storage and retrieval.

​Order fulfillment


Order fulfillment: involves picking, packing, and shipping goods to customers based on orders received. This may also include the handling of returns and exchanges.



Cross-docking: receiving goods into the warehouse and immediately shipped to another location without being stored.

Value-added services


Value-added services: Some logistics companies may also offer additional services such as kitting, assembly, labeling, repackaging, and quality control inspections.

Transportation management


Transportation management: managing the transportation of goods to and from the warehouse, coordinating with carriers and freight forwarders, and managing transportation costs.

Reporting and analytics


Reporting and analytics: Maxton Shipping provides reporting and analytics services to help clients track inventory levels, monitor order fulfillment metrics, and analyze warehouse operations data.

Bonded Warehouse


Bonded Warehouse: storage and handling of the import and transit cargoes at Customs Bonded facilities for secured freight storage and documentation clearance.

TSA / Air Cargo Warehousing


TSA / Air Cargo Warehousing: storage and handling of the in-transit export cargoes TSA-regulated facilities for secured freight air cargo transportation, storage, and documentation clearance.

Temperature-controlled warehousing


Temperature-controlled warehousing: commonly used for fresh produce, frozen foods, pharmaceuticals, vaccines, and biotech products to ensure they are stored in optimal conditions to maintain their quality, safety, and efficacy.

In the company’s own and sub-contracted facilities globally, we provide efficient, secure, and cost-effective storage and handling of goods to support a client's supply chain operations.


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