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Delivering the Future

Contribution to innovations


Maxton Shipping provides logistics services required for hardware producers and semiconductor companies and is highly specialized in the unique needs of the industry. With specialized handling and transportation methods, inventory management, and supply chain optimization, Maxton Shipping providers can help to ensure the tech products are delivered in good condition, on time, and at the lowest possible cost.

Delivery Solutions

Transportation Management: Transportation management services are required to manage the movement of goods across the supply chain, including freight management, carrier selection, and shipment tracking. Specialized transportation methods, such as air or sea freight, may be required to ensure the timely and safe delivery of products.


Inventory Management: Tech companies also require inventory management services to ensure optimal stock levels and products are available when needed.

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Reverse Logistics: Maxton Shipping manages returns, repairs, and product recalls.

Value-Added Services:  packaging, labeling, kitting, and assembly for tech companies to customize products and streamline their supply chain.

Supply Chain Consulting: we provide supply chain consulting services to optimize logistics operations, improve efficiency, and reduce costs.


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