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Air Freight

Above & beyond

The airfreight services are designed to meet the specific needs of our customers, and we offer a wide range of options to ensure that your cargo is transported quickly and efficiently.

International Air freight


Maxton Shipping is an IATA member that provides international air freight transportation for time-sensitive shipments. We carefully handle air shipments from Door to Door globally through competitive pricing and excellent logistics coordination.

US Domestic Airfreight


Maxton Shipping is an Indirect Air Carrier that complies with TSA requirements for air cargo transportation throughout the United States. We arrange cargo pickup, handling in transit, and airport transfers with a due diligence level that allows air cargo transport safely and on time.

Expedited and Time-Critical Services


Expedited and Time-Critical Services: the services designed to help customers who require urgent delivery of their goods.

Dangerous Goods Handling


Dangerous Goods Handling: through extensive experience in handling hazardous goods and ensuring that all regulatory requirements are met, we handle hazmat cargoes in air transportation.

Temperature-Controlled air freight shipping


Temperature-Controlled air freight shipping: for customers who require specific temperature conditions during transit, and time-critical delivery of perishable cargoes, including pharmaceuticals, chemicals, foods, and more.


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