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Project Logistics



Oversize & Heavy cargo

Maxton Shipping provides logistics solutions for industrial projects worldwide. The Project cargo department applies the efficient methodologies of transportation routing and budgeting for the mission or project of almost any scale.  Our inland and freight teams work together to provide professional OOG cargo transportation services at the domestic and international levels to meet deadlines set by our highly valued customers.


Cargo Survey

Dealing with cargo pre-inspection, in-transit, or receiving survey is a typical routing for many trade lanes. Maxton Shipping deals with insurance companies and agencies that provide cargo survey services on-site, warehouses, docks, and terminals. We can arrange cargo survey reports with detailed photo reporting and document reassurance with various trade & compliance organizations.



Ensure the cargo is secured and tracked during transportation, distribution, and storage. We provide a warehousing network worldwide to handle various commodities efficiently. Maxton Shipping provides crating, packing, storage, PO management, and e-commerce services. Our locations are open for long-term storage, cross-docking, and yard storage for most commodities, including hazardous materials, refrigerated goods, and oversize shipments.

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