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The automotive industry is one of the most challenging industries of the 21st century that requires a wide range of logistics services and operations to ensure the efficient and timely delivery of parts and finished vehicles. We proudly assist global car makers and vendors in enhancing the progress of the automotive industry through the broad range of the following services:

Logistics Solutions


Inbound Logistics:  involves transporting and delivering parts and materials from suppliers to manufacturing facilities. This may include managing multiple suppliers, coordinating deliveries, and ensuring that materials arrive on time and in the right quantities.

Outbound Logistics: involves transporting finished vehicles from manufacturing facilities to dealerships, and other distribution points, of final consumers domestically and internationally. This includes managing complex transportation networks, coordinating deliveries, and ensuring vehicles arrive on time and in good condition.

Warehousing and Storage: automotive parts and finished goods require specialized warehousing and storage facilities to protect them from damage and theft. Maxton Shipping provides provide secure, climate-controlled storage facilities that can accommodate the specific needs of the automotive industry. As a part of the inventory management, we share our expertise and provide tools to manage inventory levels, monitor demand, and ensure supply chain operations run smoothly.

Customs Clearance and Compliance: the automotive industry is subject to various regulations and standards, both domestically and internationally. We provide customs clearance and compliance services that ensure that parts and finished goods meet all regulatory requirements, including documentation and inspection.


Supply Chain Management:  we provide supply chain management services that can optimize the supply chain, reduce costs, and ensure that parts and finished goods are delivered promptly and cost-effectively.


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