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Materials management


Maxton Shipping provides a range of services that support the exploration and production of energy products, including oil, gas, and renewable energy sources.

The logistics services offered by these companies include the following:

Procurement: procuring equipment, materials, and supplies required for energy exploration, production, and distribution.

Transportation: transportation of equipment, materials, and supplies to and from energy production sites, including ocean freight, air freight, trucking, and rail. Out of gauge, over length, over height, and heavy cargoes that may be transported by multimodal mode.

Customs clearance: handling customs documentation and clearance procedures for energy equipment and materials that cross international borders.

Powerful Big rig semi truck tractor with oversize load sign transporting windmill electric

Warehousing: providing storage and handling services for energy equipment, materials, and supplies in warehouses, yards, and ports

Inventory management: tracking inventory levels and managing the movement of energy equipment, materials, and supplies to optimize supply chain efficiency.

Project management: coordinating logistics services for large-scale energy projects, including Control Tower management, regional on-site outsourcing, planning, scheduling, and monitoring of equipment, materials, and personnel.

Risk management: Identifying and mitigating risks associated with logistics operations, including safety, security, environmental, and regulatory risks.

Compliance: Ensuring compliance with local and international regulations and standards that govern the transport and storage of energy products, including the International Maritime

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Oil & Gas

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We understand the quality of our services for the oil and gas industry is critical to ensuring the timely and efficient production and delivery of oil and gas products, reducing the risk of product loss or damage, and enhancing safety and environmental protection. We collaborate and coordinate among stakeholders across the supply chain, including oil and gas producers, drilling contractors, logistics providers, and regulatory agencies.



Maxton Shipping provides critical logistics services for the timely and efficient development, construction, and operation of renewable energy projects while minimizing costs and enhancing safety and environmental protection. We possess the must-have expertise in the industry for unique requirements and challenges associated with renewable energy projects, as well as a deep understanding of the regulations and standards that govern the industry.


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