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Terms & Conditions

Booking Terms & Conditions (Ocean Freight)

Published Date: 9th November 2021



Dismantlable cargo Legal payload:

20’: 17.5 tons / 38,500 lbs

40': 20 tons. / 44,000 lbs


Terms & Conditions:

  • Rates valid until:   06/30/2022     within a month from the date of submission???

  • Payment Terms:  Payable Upon Receipt

  • Freight Prepaid; Destination Charges collect

  • Subject to space approval with the chosen carrier at time of booking request

  • Booking Cancellation: per carrier tariff / $50 minimum

  • All rates subject to verification of final weight and dimensions upon receipt of goods

  • All information provided is subject to cargo being fully crate and stackable/fork liftable.

  • All surcharges based on regular warehouse hors (Monday through Friday; 8am to 5pm)

  • All wood packaging must comply with ISPM-15 regulation for wood packing material

  • Rates are subject to port congestions; driver shortage and other circumstances that are out of control of our organization and may result in delays; shortages and extra charges.

  • Due to high congestion levels in the US ports, we require at least 2 weeks pre-notice to arrange the pick up and booking with ocean carrier

  • At this time no pickup slot can be guaranteed, all extra charges related to demurrage, detention, storage and other accessorial charges will be added to the BL

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