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Maxton Shipping Inc. to amerykańska firma Global Freight Forwarding i NVOCC z siedzibą w Rocklin w Kalifornii i reprezentowana na całym świecie.

Naszą misją jest wzmacnianie integralności globalnej logistyki poprzez sztukę komunikacji i technologii.

Opracowujemy najlepsze praktyki i produkty, aby stworzyć inspirujące środowisko dla ekspertów ds. logistyki, które niezawodnie wspierają Twoje cele biznesowe.

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Maxton Shipping Inc. is an American Global Freight Forwarding and Logistics service provider established in 2019 in Rocklin, California. Today, our company is represented in 132 countries worldwide through the reliable network of the company's branches and local logistics agents.


The company's name idea was inspired by the town of Maxton, situated in North Carolina, which happens to be the birthplace of Malcolm McLean - the renowned inventor of the shipping container and a pioneering figure in container transportation. By naming the company after this historic town, we pay homage to McLean's contributions to the shipping industry. We aim to uphold his legacy through our efforts in innovating logistics solutions in the global supply chain.

Zespół Maxton jest grupą która świadczy usługi transportowe na najwyższym poziomie. Naszym celem jest wykorzystanie i udoskonalenie obecnych metod algorytmów wysyłki ładunków przy współpracy z działem Maxton Technic i rozwijanie naszych obecnych narzędzi online dla zadowolenia klientów.


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Vlad Nikalayeu

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Founder & CEO

Meet Vlad, the founder of our company, whose passion for logistics started early in his career and has only grown stronger over the past 15 years. In 2008 has successfully co-founded a specialized project cargo trucking business out of Belarus that has been serving the European and Central Asian markets in the oil gas industry. Since immigrating to the U.S. in 2016, Vlad has been a key worker at top logistics companies until 2019, when he co-founded Maxton Shipping globally. Vlad brings a unique perspective and deep understanding of global supply chain and logistics technologies.


Nick Yarmolyuk

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Founder & CFO

Meet Nick, the founder of our company and a logistics expert with over 30 years of experience. He has a successful business track record since 1995 when Nick graduated from Sacramento State University with a Bachelor's degree in Management Information Systems. Nick held various roles until he founded Divine Enterprises Inc., headquartered in California - a specialized pharmaceutical delivery trucking logistics company serving the US market for over two decades.  Nick brings a unique combination of logistics expertise, financial acumen, and a technology-adaptive mindset to our team, ensuring that we deliver an exceptional experience to our clients.

In 2019, Nick Yarmolyk and Vlad Nikolaev, two passionate logistics enthusiasts with a huge experience in international logistics, founded Maxton Shipping. Despite the challenging year that the logistics industry faced due to the pandemic and container crisis, Maxton Shipping's client-focused approach and adoption of modern technology enabled us to turn a difficult situation into an opportunity.

We are a continuously growing company, expanding our operations in the US key markets and our global operations with the establishment of Maxton Shipping in the UK (2019) and Maxton Shipping in Poland (2022). We plan to extend our reach into Asia by the first quarter of 2024.

We pride our organization on providing our clients with personalized and customizable solutions to fit the specific needs of their supply chain. We value each of our clients and take pride in offering high-quality service.

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