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Maxton operates the highest innovative fleet of over 75 trucks throughout the United States and Canada to deliver it safely and reliably.

Maxton's sister company, Divine Enterprises,

is a fully committed entity to enhance the customer's trust for decades in the most competitive transportation market in the world.  ​

Group Email:

Call: + 1 832 982 1717


Quality Standards

A unique management model, as a family-owned, asset-based transportation company, helped us develop strong principles of integrity. Regardless of your industry, you can be sure we have the people, equipment, expertise and experience to solve your most strenuous transportation challenges.

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Specialized Carrier



As a member of the Pharmaceutical Cargo Security Coalition, we take pride in providing services to the largest Pharmaceutical companies in the world.


Temperature controlled 

The constant monitoring of equipment parameters allows us to prevent breakdowns long before they can possibly occur, leaving our customers assured their shipment is safe with us.


Government freight services

Reliable assistant for U.S. government logistics departments We proudly offer Disaster Recovery Assistance and Emergency Aid Delivery truckload services throughout all 48 States and Canada 24/7. - 2021-07-27T193117_edited.png

Hazmat materials

The hazmat freight transportation training and compliance management work along to keep the humans and cargo safety be well maintained at all times of the operations.


High-value freight

One of 2 TAPA-certified trucking companies on the U.S. West Coast.  Secure delivery guaranteed and insured for all matters.



The Uniform Food Safety Transportation Protocol certified carrier. We safely deliver thousands of produce meats to millions of consumers a year.


Certified Operations

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Maintaining product safety and quality during distribution

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Maintaining product safety and quality during distribution

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The standard of freight security


FDA Compliant Carrier Competitive in hauling perishable food for major shipper

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Enhancing sustainability

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Maintaining product safety and quality during distribution


Our entrepreneurial culture and values, enable us to expand reliable services while keeping our commitments to public safety, social responsibility, and financial stability 

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