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Terms & Conditions

Booking Terms & Conditions

Published Date: 9th November 2020

Rates and remarks

▪ All charges (including destination charges to some Euro, Asian, African and American destinations) must be pre-paid

▪ Subject to the destination charges, Collect.

▪ Subject to space approval with the chosen shipping line at the time of the booking request.


Maxton Shipping Applies standard charges where applicable

▪ Booking cancellation 5 calendar days before the shipment departure: $50

▪ Booking roll: as per Ocean Carrier tariff – at cost + 7%

▪ Rates are subject to port congestions, driver shortage, and other circumstances that are out of control of our organization and may result in delays, storages, and extra charges


Shipping Exclusions


▪ Shipment will originate from a business/commercial location and if delivery is required, delivery will be to a business/commercial location.

▪ Rates exclude shipping to/from residences or tradeshows

▪ Rates exclude inside deliveries


Household Goods & Personal Effects

▪ Rates will ONLY be valid for HHG's when one of the following apply:

1. HHG's indicated in the commodity description

2. HHG's not listed in the exclusions


HHG's With Automobiles

▪ Autos will only be allowed when specifically indicated in the contract notes.


Motor Vehicles

▪ Rates will only be allowed for motor vehicles when specifically indicated in the contract notes. Subject to Maxton Shipping checking and approval with a chosen Ocean Carrier


Wearing Apparel

▪ Rates will only be allowed for wearing apparel when specifically indicated in the contract notes.

▪ Subject to Maxton Shipping checking and approval with a chosen Ocean Carrier


Shipment Commodity Types Not Accepted for Instant Rate Quoting


▪ Human Remains

▪ Garments on hangers (GOH)

▪ Live animals, birds, reptiles, or insects

▪ Perishable foods, or other perishable commodities

▪ Frozen or temperature-controlled commodities of any kind

▪ Alcoholic beverages

▪ Antiques or artwork

▪ Bullion, currency or coins of any nationality

▪ Ivory, furs, fur clothing, or fur-trimmed clothing

▪ Gems or stones, precious or semiprecious

▪ Jewelry (other than costume jewelry)

▪ Firearms, or ammunition

▪ Dangerous, hazardous, or flammable materials

▪ Consignments with invoice value less than the total freight charges

▪ Scrap material (including but not limited to scrap metal, paper, and plastic scrap)

▪ Used electronics

▪ Military, government, or diplomatic cargo

▪ Oversize cargo or bulk-loaded commodities

▪ Rate quote is not for any of the above unacceptable items/commodities 


Rates Validity:


▪ Rates are subject to any additional charges valid at time of shipment as implemented by the underlying Ocean Carrier.

▪ Unless your organization is a valid member of WCA Network or we have in writing granted you terms and you have filled out our credit application found at

▪ Default Customer account is Prepaid, this means we will not be able to deliver, release or execute until payment is made. This includes any brokers who request for Maxton Shipping Inc. to sign a broker agreement we do not provide terms based on your company agreement. Terms are provided based on your company credit. Terms take 3-15 business days for processing and are subject to our terms and conditions of service. Terms can be revoked at any time due to missing or failed payments. We have the right to revoke terms at any time due and will proceed not to dispatch until account is current

Use any debit or credit card with a % 2.9 fee:


Maxton Shipping Inc. (California, USA) EIN (Tax ID): 83-2199455

▪ Maxton Shipping Inc. is licensed by Federal Maritime Commission of the United States of America, acts as the OCEAN TRANSPORTATION INTERMEDIARY: Ocean Freight Forwarder and NonVessel-Operating Common Carrier, license No. 027662NF.

▪ Maxton Shipping is the Ultimate asset-based 3PL. Please learn the Terms and Conditions of Ocean and Air Transportation at

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